The future, today







Sphere is a long-term project, it was a completely redesigned new operating system, with unparalleled ergonomics. We are currently more than 200 working on it around the world to write the codes and our team is growing every day. It will also integrate all future technologies without having to make any updates.


Infernity, is an extraordinary Gaming, it will appear in the course of the year 2021. It will revolutionize the gaming world. Its development requires more than 1500 people and its team continues to grow every day by Gaming enthusiasts who together are writing a new page in the gaming world.

It's a funny project, we have chosen a city that we are trying to digitize, starting from almost nothing, we are pulling it towards the digital era where everything will be done in the coming months to model it, provide it with a separate application. whole, an embryo of a larger project.


We seek to create research laboratories throughout the world; to develop creativity and self-transcendence. We finance them, equip them and provide them with the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the years.

Because we believe that the machine is capable of advancing humanity, we are strongly interested in artificial intelligence, not to replace humans but to help them in their thinking.
We try to integrate it into everyday life.