Support and personal contact with the client are essential.
"You don't have to be the biggest in your field, but be the best".


      We look for a certain refinement in our work.


      We are proud of what we have already achieved. A more refined design and excellent service during the construction phase are our best advertisement.


      We have clearly opted for a long-term policy.


Our partners come from the best training centers such as:






- STANFORD (usa)


- AALTO (fin)


- SAIC (usa)


- PRATT(usa)


- UAL (uk)




- RCA (uk)

Our origins

          The group concentrates on all sites in the commercial, informative, entertainment, research and development sectors.
          The group will also develop a whole new vision of the Web and the Internet.

          Our first mission and not to impose technology, the choice of large groups who see only a purely commercial interest is not ours, we want to put technology and choice in the hands of users. To do this, we are implementing a new vision, mixing ethics, technological advances and the voluntary choice of the user to be guided or not by the referencing of the collection of data concerning him.